Wooden Spatula & Tong

Larger Size
Key items for any camper. The spatula is steady and reliable while the tong is perfect for handling shrimp and delicate veggies.
  • Made from quality wood with a beautiful, natural finish.
  • Set of 2, 10" long tong, 12" long spatula
  • 6/case

Wooden Tong, Spatula and Scraping Spoon

Larger Size
Versatility is the word with these fine wood tools. You'll find the tong, spatula and scraping spoon indispensable for everything from grilling to stir fry.
  • Set of 3, 16" long tools
  • 6/case

SuperTong Combo

Larger Size
It's hard to find faults with a bbq tool as useful as the SuperTong Combo. Bottom half is a spatula which slides under the food while the top half is a tong to grip it.
  • Stainless Steel spatula, chrome plated tong.
  • 16" overall length
  • 6/case

Jumbo Utensil Set

Larger Size
Sometimes you need a little distance when cooking over hot coals. That's just what you'll have when you use this extra long 22" tong and spatula set.
  • Set of 2, chrome plated steel
  • 22" overall length
  • 6/case